Have you ever stopped to see and hear the harmony that exists in the world around us? I was at church recently, watching, listening and enjoying the worship band as they played – the drums, guitars, keyboard, violinist and vocalists. The harmony between them was amazing. Later, as I was thinking about the great worship, I tried to imagine what the worship would have been like if each piece of the band were trying to lead worship by themselves, or someone was way out of tune or playing a totally different song. Some of those instruments may not have sounded so bad alone, like the acoustic guitar or maybe the vocalists going A’ Capella. But, even them alone, would not have had the level of harmony as all the instruments playing together… in tune and all playing the same song. Their purpose, helping people to engage the presence of God, would most likely have not reached the ‘harmonic’ level God desired.


Our daily lives are lived out ‘on stage’ as well – with other ‘band members’ (family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.). God desires to resonate His harmony through our lives, but it will require us to ‘play’ well with those around us; being ‘in tune’ and on the same ‘page’. First and foremost, with Jesus, our Worship Director, and with those we share life’s stage with.

‘See how good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters live together in harmony!’ – Psalm 133:1

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